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Common people experience-see, hear and feel- the events that occur around them in course of their daily life. Sometimes, they can understand their causes and consequences, but in most cases cannot go deeper into them beyond what can be grasped by their physical senses. This happens more so when the events are extraordinary, strange and puzzling.

 Here is an account of a recent real life occurrence   to illustrate the point:

A young, beautiful and promising girl, a nursing graduate- from a rural suburb of Delhi, the capital of India, was offered a lucrative job as a lieutenant in a renowned hospital run by the Indian Navy in Mumbai, the dream destination of most Indians.

Since she belonged to a poor and conservative family and had never stepped out of her familiar surroundings, her father and uncle decided to escort her all the way to the hospital in Mumbai.

As the three alighted from the train, a young man suddenly splashed acid from a bottle on her face and body. She shrieked loudly with the searing pain and before her two escorts could react, the man had vanished through the dense and chaotic crowd.

The event was reported extensively through the visual and print media not only as long as she stayed in the hospital over a month and finally died, but also much long thereafter. The police could not even identify much less nab the culprit.

More than the trauma of the painful suffering and loss of the dear child, the family is now being constantly nagged by the question of how and why this tragedy occurred to it. They want an answer to this question probably more urgently than the arrest of the accused since that is not going to bring back their daughter.

Who can satisfy them? A clairvoyant psychic, of course.

A clairvoyant psychic is a specialist who not only knows through the powers of intuition, empathy, clairsentience, hunch or sixth sense what has happened in the past, is happening in the present and will happen in the future, but can experience the events--see and hear them- as clearly as common people do in their day-to-day life. Clairvoyant psychics can not only logically explain all the basic questions of life, but also provide the much needed solace to the sufferers.

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