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Psychic Clairvoyant Ability

A psychic clairvoyant has the ability to use paranormal-extra sensory ability, which is an inclusive term for multiple abilities such as heightened intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance (inner sight), clairaudience (inner ear), clairscent (a smell), clairsentience (a feeling in the body), and clairsavorance (taste). These abilities are a sort of a psychic transformation of the physical senses so that they are empowered to do what appears impossible on the physical plane. Besides, a psychic may have an ability to act as a medium and go into trance. This way he may have visions at another plane. This facilitates the resolution of the problem for which the client approaches him. Through trance, a psychic can see what is otherwise not visible to the physical eyes. He can look into the huge celestial library of books containing the records of all human activity, their actions, reactions, feelings, intents, and emotions. Through this they can pick up the information relevant to the problems of the seekers of the truth. This library is located in the ether or akaash.

Every human being is gifted with seven major ‘chakras’ which are mainly located along the spinal chord of the human body. The difference between an ordinary human being and an accomplished psychic is that the psychic has developed the potential of the charkas. This endows him with what we call the psychic ability. A charka can be likened to the aperture of a camera in that it can open and close as the channel for information. The extent of the development of the charkas determines the successful use of the major psychic abilities--clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience.

As mentioned above, of the three abilities, Clairvoyance is the most important asset or tool of a psychic. Clairvoyant ability resides in the sixth charka. The psychic is endowed with the ‘third eye’ located in the forehead, between the two physical eyes. The third-eye has this ability for clairvoyance. Suppose a murder has been committed and the ace sleuths of the investigation departments have failed to trace the criminal. In all such cases, the psychic with his clairvoyant ability can help them locate the murderer. A psychic, with his uncanny clairvoyant ability, can foresee major catastrophes of universal importance such as floods, earthquakes revolutions and so on. The assassination attempts at the national leaders like John F Kennedy of the USA or President Anwar Saddat of Egypt had already been foreseen by the psychics.

A psychic clairvoyant has highly evolved intuition or the ability to sense clearly. Intuition is a sort of sixth sense. It does not merely guess, it just straightway pinpoints what it needs to be found—an answer to any problem which the experts at the scientific level cannot solve.

David E Jones, an anthropologist in the University of Central Florida, wrote in 1979 in his book called the Visions of Time: Experiments in Psychic Archeology that it was unavoidable to reach a positive conclusion …. that there are individuals who have the paranormal or psychic ability and they could help the archeologists to recapture in detail events which have been lost and frozen in time.

Related to the clairvoyance and intuition are other abilities like clairsentience. This ability resides in the second charka, which is located just below the belly button. This psychic ability is nothing but the ability to feel the energy. It is also called empathy. A gifted psychic cannot only empathize with the aggrieved party, but even with the criminal. He can step into his mind and this is how the psychics trace the actions and movements of the culprits from the origin of the crime to where they hide after carrying it out.

Clairaudience, the ability to hear the information, is akin to clairvoyance. This ability resides in the fifth charka, which is located at the base of the throat, just below the sound box.

The seventh and the most important charka resides on the top or the crown of the head. In fact this charka processes all the information to bring it at the level of cognition.

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