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Psychic Phenomena

A Glossary of Common Psychic Phenomenon

There is a lot of ignorance, confusion and, sometimes, even wilful misinterpretation of the true nature of psychic phenomena in the name of rationalism. This kind of confusion arises out of the tendency of the people to look upon human body only as a composition of physiological components.

The truth is that human body is much more than what it appears to the naked eyes and common wisdom. Most people do not try to understand why human body stops functioning and is declared dead. This is because there is some energy that drives the body to function or at least gives it consciousness. When this energy leaves the body it is declared dead.  It is this energy that explains why we suffix the word ‘being’ with human.

The knowledge of psychics and psychic phenomena is based upon the fundamental entity ‘being’. The word psychic itself has been derived from the Greek word ‘psyche’ which means soul, spirit or mind. All the psychic phenomena revolves around  and  manifests itself due to the spiritual energy - the power of the soul or mind which imparts the energy to the body in terms of ‘being’.

Interestingly enough the scientists are accepting the idea of the existence of the faculty of empathy and telepathy - obviously mental powers - through laboratory and field tests. Even this much acceptance is sufficient to prove the existence and the working of the soul, spirit or mind - in other words, psychic phenomena.