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Mediumship is quite controversial with a lot of doubts and cynicism attacking its reality and truth.

Nevertheless, there are parapsychological researches and studies proving the authenticity of mediumship. Hence, if you are bugged by the question and doubt if this is true or not, the answer is a whopping Yes!  

Why is this aspect of the psychic world becoming more and more accepted and sought after?

Mediumship in general or communicating with the spirit of the departed is a very debatable matter to discuss. There have been suspicions left and right especially among the scientific and religious communities which do not encourage this practice. However, in the world of parapsychology, there have been recorded events which could prove and support the existence of the paranormal.

The truth is that there are indeed people gifted with the ability and sensitivity to use their intuitive powers or extra sensory perception and communicate with the dead. Hence, if you are thinking about seeking the assistance of a medium, particularly a clairvoyant, it makes logical sense. However, the key is to find and sort out the authentic from the fraud and scams.

Despite disbelief in the scientific community, mediumship is a reality in the world today. In the parapsychology world, proofs and evidences of spiritual entities and their presence have been recorded. There are physical manifestations such as table turning, electrical static and levitation among others.

Different mediums have varied abilities and powers to begin with.

Clairaudience is a type of mediumship wherein the medium could clearly hear what the spirit is trying to relay. They could either hear them in their minds or literally hear a distant voice or sound outside their minds.

Clairsentinence is another form of mediumship where the medium could feel or sense the spirit of the departed and communicate with them.

It is true death could knock unexpectedly. When the unexpected happens and your loved one is taken away from you without warning, several things may occur. There could be questions left unanswered or unfinished business with the departed. Giving closure to bereaved loved ones is one of the many objectives of an authentic and good psychic reading through the help of clairvoyants.

Take note however that each person perceives what is happening according to his own viewpoint. You could find innumerable clairvoyants out there to give you the reading you want. However, while they may be looking at exactly the same vision or image, they could have varying perspective.

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