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"The young lion will overcome the old one
On the field of battle in a single combat
He will put out his eyes in a cage of gold
Two wounds, and then to die a cruel death"

The jousting tournament celebrating two marriages within the French royal family was in full swing on 1 July 1559. As the sun was setting, King Henry II rode his magnificently draped horse against Gabriel de Lorges, Count of Montgomery. The encounter was judged a draw, but Henry insisted on a return bout. Moments later the lances of the two contestants splintered, and Montgomery's lance pierced the king's golden visor, entering his eye. The king died nine days later.

This is one of the many prophecies of Nostradamus that came true.

To avoid prosecution as a magician, Nostradamus writes that he purposely confused the time sequence of the Prophecies so that their secrets would not be revealed to the non-initiate. He became very famous in a very short time. Queen Catherine de Medici once asked him to write horoscopes for her seven children, which caused him some concerns, because he has already predicted their fates in the Prophecies. Nostradamus died in the year 1566.


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