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People born from 21 January to 19 February belong to the zodiac sign of Aquarius. The ruling planet of Aquarius subjects is Uranus, one of the earliest mighty rulers and also called the god of the sky. Apart from Virgo whose sign is human- Virgin, Aquarius is the only other sign with a human sign- a water bearer.

Aquarian personality is marked by the essential traits of its zodiac sign, the water bearer and its ruling planet, Uranus. Aquarians are simple, hardworking, strong willed, but helpful people. They love and respect people who make their living by sweat of their labor. Aquarians also take pride in whatever they do- they may even menial jobs-- irrespective of what people think of them. They understand the dignity of labor.

A natural corollary of this attitude is that Aquarian subjects have firm convictions and are not swayed by what people think or talk about them.

Aquarians are truly honest people. Despite their strong convictions in their beliefs and principles, Aquarians are frank and open-minded. They can radically change their perspectives and mend their mistakes provided things are explained to them reasonably, objectively and logically.

Aquarians love to take a total and holistic view of situations, people and events. They look at problems from all angles and analyze all their dimensions before arriving at decisive opinion. A remarkable feature of an Aquarian nature is that they are assimilative and willing to embrace the truly ‘right and objective’ opinion even if it does not suit their temperament or comes from someone they do not like.

Aquarians rarely lose their temper while presenting their own point of view or listening to fiercely opposing opinions. In this respect, they can be called truly tolerant, flexible and democratic people.

An interesting feature of an Aquarian personality is that they are supersensitive and imaginative people, almost psychic in their perceptions, intuitions and foresight.

Aquarians are truly ‘modern’ people. They wish to harness and refine the powers of wireless communication so as to integrate them with the psychic powers of empathy, telepathy, foresight, intuition clairvoyance and clairsentience and raise them to truly spiritual levels.

This is probably, what the dawn of Age of Aquarius or the New Age means. Aquarians can, thus, become a vehicle of change where the spiritual science of Psychics and the Science of modern communication become almost indistinguishable from each other.

Some astrologers even assert that we have already entered the Age of Aquarius or the Age of Universal Brotherhood. Aquarians are often serious and philosophic people. They talk in abstractions and appear a little boring and humorless to the jovial and light hearted people.

Most Aquarians enjoy staying aloof, withdrawn and segregated. They are generally fiercely independent. They get irritated if someone tries to peak into their ruminations or even sincerely tries to help them.

They remain unaffected by what is called the mass psychology or rat race and have the courage to walk alone on un-trodden paths. If at all, they do mix with the crowd, they do so at their own terms. They join them only to lead them and not to be dictated by anyone else.

Aquarians, consequently, are not very social people. They shun company and almost appear to condescend to become friends with those who seek their proximity.

Aquarians cannot easily forget and forget those who betray their trust. So, if you wish to cultivate friendship or love with an Aquarian, you should think twice before ditching them as they can become formidable enemies of those who play tricks with them.

To most ordinary people, Aquarians appear to be eccentric, maverick, egoistic, dogmatic and wayward creatures. But once you gain their trust and proximity, they cast a hypnotic charm from which it becomes difficult to pull out.

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