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Aries is the first sun sign of the zodiac system. People born from March 21 to April 20 are Aries. The animal sign of Aries is ram and the ruling planet is Mars.

Aries receive the traits of their nature and personality both from ram and Mars.
Aries subjects are known to possess all the qualities of head, heart and body that characterize a ram who is always brimming with restless energy. Aries are very impatient, impulsive, headstrong, temperamental, sensitive, zealous and powerful people.

They are driven by strong desire for adventure, leadership and dominance. They always wish to break new grounds. They, therefore, remain in search of new causes and challenges that can impel them to take to hazardous adventures so that they can earn name, fame and followers. Aries always insist upon instant results so that they can take up new projects.

Aries are highly egoistic people. They seethe with insuppressible rage when affronted even with slightest resistance to their wayward and willful actions. At the same time, they are very good leaders. They are extremely helpful and protective of those who are loyal to them and offer their cooperation wholeheartedly. They never exploit their friends and followers for their selfish ends since they consider their welfare as their own responsibility.

This is, however, not to suggest that they are immune to constructive and helpful suggestions and criticism from their close confidants, friends and followers provided they are sure that the advice is really reasonable and helpful and is being offered to advance their cause in all sincerity and loyalty.

The high strung egoism of Aries can have both positive and negative fall out. Aries subject tends to become a kind of ruthless but a compassionate despot as he/she advances towards their goal and acquires more power and control over the people they lead.  Although their friends and followers love them sincerely and wish to come close to them, they tend to move farther away from them and become inaccessible.

Aries cannot easily accept failure. It can badly shatter and break down their ego and they can work with a ruthless vengeance against those who are opposed to them.

Aries are very generous and loving heads of their families. They are passionate, possessive but caring and protective lovers of their partners.

 Quite often they expect blind obedience from their family members. This kind of attitude builds simmering opposition against them and those who even enjoy their generous patronage look for opportunities to break away from them.
Aries are extremely devoted to their love partners, spouses and kids. They can go to any extent to keep them secure and well-protected. They readily bear personal inconvenience so that they can meet all the genuine demands of their loved ones. It is believed that Aries are the best parents in the world.

Aries are highly subjective people. They judge others by their personal parameters that may not always be accurate. They inspire strong feelings and love, hatred and fear even in their near and dear ones because of their willful and temperamental nature.

Aries can do much better if they try to think more objectively and empathize with their friends and family members. They should exercise a little restraint on their ego and allow a kind of democratic freedom of expression and action to their loved ones. This will narrow down the perceived gap between them and those who interact with them.
Aries subjects are often found in challenging jobs that demand leadership qualities such as sports, athletics, mountain climbing, exploration of new regions, space and oceanic research.  Their creative energies go into overdrive when they are assigned difficult jobs.

Aries are often bad followers. They feel like ferocious dogs on leash. They always remain on the look out for opportunities to break away free from external control.

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