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People born from 22 June to 21 July come under the sun sign of Cancer. The animal symbol of Cancer is Crab and the ruling planet is Moon.

Cancer subjects are ultra sensitive, imaginative, subjective and dreamy. Their moods, feelings, sentiments and emotions change frequently from sad, gloomy to bright and happy.

A question arises, why their states of mind change so suddenly. The answer to this question is that they cannot keep control over their mental responses to different stimuli, people, events, remarks, comments or situations. They cannot remain impartial or objective observers. They get emotionally involved almost in every situation or person whether positively or negatively, due, as mentioned before, to their sensitive nature. And since what happens in their life is generally not under their control,--in fact, it is under nobody’s control-- the varying nature and quality of events and situations accordingly affects their moods, sentiments and emotions.

Moreover, they view every situation through their current moods, which are, in turn, affected by the memories of their past, circumstances of the present and their perspectives on their future based upon their past and present experiences. Yet another reason for this ultra sensitiveness is that Cancers are basically effeminate people and always tend to feel insecure. This also explains the love of Cancers for their home; they feel insecure once they go outside it.

A home for cancers is not a symbol or showpiece of their prosperity or adversity. It is a place to take refuge, a place to retire to and hide from the perceived insecurities of the out-of-home problems, tensions, uncertainties and struggles. Cancers breathe a sigh of relief as soon as they come back to it after daylong hassles in the world outside it.

They generally try to keep their homes semi-lit, more on the side of dark rather than bright. Darkness enables them to keep themselves hidden from the dangers lurking in the outside world or even within their own hearts or subconscious world.

Cancers love their partners, spouses and kids and wish to always stay close to them. Extra-marital relationships, if any the Cancers enter into, do not detract them from their family life.

In fact, such relationships are only a kind of pastime for them. They enjoy the company of their out-of-home friends like the relish the tasty foods in restaurant only once in a while and beat a hasty retreat to their homes after they have satisfied their appetite. They understand the abiding nature of family ties and remain sincere, loyal and loving to their family members.

Cancer subjects, both males and females are highly sacrificial in their family relations. They always try to ‘give’ as much as they can to their loved ones and wish or expect nothing in return. In this respect they are lovers in the true sense of the word. They derive real, intrinsic, spiritual pleasure in loving, helping and   serving their family members even at their own cost and convenience. Charity, for them, begins and ends at home.

This probably explains why most Cancers are narrow minded jingoists. They love only their own home, community, region or their country.
A great drawback with Cancer subjects is that they love to live in their past. One reason for this escape into the past may probably be their reluctance to face the realities of the present. Quite often, therefore, they remember or even imagine the unkind cuts and insults that they received from their loved and loyal friends.

A natural fallout of this gloomy nature is that Cancers generally suffer from inferiority complex that leads them to remain slothful, unclean and untidy. They keep wallowing in self-pity and the misery it generates.

Cancers generally do not venture into unexplored regions. They prefer to continue in their traditional and family businesses and do not like to take up new projects and enterprises.

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