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People born from 23rd December to 20th January fall into the zodiac sign of Capricorn. The animal sign of Capricorn is goat and its ruling planet is Saturn.

Starting with goat, most people associate a goat with a gentle and a harmless animal that takes its daily food generally by working hard all through the day both  on plains or slippery steep mountains whether in rain or sunshine. It keeps it head close to the ground and remains focused upon its limited mission of earning its daily food. Going by these qualities it is quite easy to judge the nature and personality of Capricorn subjects.

Capricorns are generally hard working, gentle, reliable and trustworthy people. They remain rooted to the ground realities of life. They do not nurture romantic, hyped or unrealistic dreams. They generally are not adventurous, enterprising, ambitious or aggressive people. To put it positively, they are calm, practical and realistic people. They know their limitations and do not transgress them.

They are, by and large, homely people and rarely look for opportunities in far-off lands. They love their families, partners and kids. They remain content with whatever they get from their day-to-day honest labor. Most of the time, they are guided by their brains rather than by their hearts. They go by their common sense and rarely make grandiose plans that are beyond their mental and physical capabilities.

Once a Capricorn makes up its mind to launch a project, it does not easily waver from it. Capricorns believe in slow and steady progress and are averse to swallowing too hot or too cold. This explains why Capricorns normally do not fail in achieving their goals.

Since Capricorns live and work in limited areas, they tend to become close-minded to new ideas. What is worse is that they also expect their family members, friends, partners and kids also to follow their example. They thus prevent their dependants and loved ones to take new initiatives. Sometime they become so stubborn with their views that they start acting cruelly even with those they otherwise love so much.

Capricorns can, sometimes, become extremely jealous and suspicious of the movements and activities of their spouses or partners and they generate lots of ill-will and resistance from them.

Capricorns are by and large timid people. They are good followers.   They hesitate to take onerous and challenging responsibilities that define enterprising leaders. Consequently, Capricorns become faithful, loyal, laborious and dependable subordinates. Most big businessmen and corporate managers employ   Capricorns to be their private secretaries, accountants and personal assistants and entrust them with their strategic business secrets.
Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorns, was regarded as the presiding deity of agriculture. He was shown holding a sickle in one hand and a sheaf of wheat in the other. Obviously, Saturn was an earthly personality.
Saturn was also known to go strictly by the rule of law and enforced it with iron hand which meant that he could become terrible and cruel with those who dared to break it.

Capricorn subjects are loners or isolationists. They hate the noise, hustle and bustle of crowds.  This kind of habitual aloofness breeds gloominess, pessimism and depression. They are often haunted by dark and imagined fears of shame, humiliation and failure.

Since Capricorns are hardworking and thrifty people, they can look forward to their true golden period after retirement from active life. It is believed that Saturn is the ruler of old age.

By the time Capricorns reach old age, they have learnt the hard lessons of life. They become indulgent, compassionate, understanding and tolerant of the companions and family members. They love to live peacefully and allow those around them also to enjoy their individual freedom.

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