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People born from May 22-June 21 have Gemini as their sun sign. Gemini’s symbol is Twins and it is the ruling planet is Mercury. Gemini subjects usually imbibe the traits of nature and personality of the Twins and Mercury.

Twins sign symbolizes duality. This may mean that people born under this sign have double personality, slipperiness, elusiveness and self-contradictory nature. Gemini subjects sometimes tend to lose sight of their principles and resort to expediency in the choice of their ends and means.

Geminis are highly practical, worldly wise, materialistic people who do not place much premium upon rules of the game they play. They remain more focused upon realizing their aims.

Geminis are highly mobile and dynamic people. They cannot stay still at one place. Their mobility is actuated both by their inherent nature and practical considerations. They feel stale and bored if they stay at once place over a period of time. There is always an urge, uneasiness or an itch that impels them to keep going.

Think of traveling sales persons. They would starve if they constantly stayed at home. Geminis, therefore, try to visit as many places and meet as many people as they can to gain materialistic benefits as well as satisfy their limitless curiosity for new experiences. This is their way to relieve themselves of the monotony and boredom that engulfs them.
Gemini’s constant itch to remain on the move, explore newer regions and break new grounds is essential for human evolution. They enjoy visiting new places and making new friends. One is reminded of Ulysses, the ancient Greek explorer and adventurer.

Their driving motto is the famous quote from Tennyson’s Ulysses: "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” This is why Geminis remain on the move “for ever and for ever.”

Geminis cannot be faulted if they seek and make material gains that they legitimately deserve. They are, in fact, the modern venture capitalists and entrepreneurs who take risks and as a result make gains and also suffer losses. Such people cannot afford to be finicky about the so-called petty considerations of personal loyalties, adherence to traditional virtues of honesty and integrity etc.

Geminis are quite often temperamentally fickle and mercurial in their dealings both with their close friends, partners and opponents. They are highly versatile, flexible and adaptive people. While this is true, Geminis also understand the value of commitment in their personal and business deals and try to maintain their credibility.

Flexibility and mobility are the two main traits or faces of the Gemini twins. They are essential trade marks of a Gemini personality. It naturally follows that Gemini’s mobility is intrinsically related to their flexibility. In other words, flexibility and mobility are synonymous words in Gemini’s nature, thoughts and actions.

Geminis can rise to the opportunity. They can transform difficulties into opportunities through their pliability and flexibility.

Geminis are both hardworking and fun-loving people. They enjoy making friends with strangers and mixing with crowds and visiting clubs and public entertainment places. In fact, they make their business adventures as source of fun and entertainment. Geminis take failure and success in their stride.

This explains why Geminis keep moving; why they are not home bound people and are generally not steadfast in their relations of love, marriage or friendship.

But Geminis are often known to be charming, courteous and highly cultured people. They can be charitable and generous to the poor and the needy if only these activities do not adversely affect the advancement of their materialistic and personal motives.

To sum up, the main trait of a Gemini personality is that they remain consistently inconsistent. This is another explanation of the duality feature of their nature.

Geminis can be successful politicians, diplomats, middlemen, public relations officers, speakers, lobbyists, strategists, planners, gamers and manipulators.  


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