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People born from 23 July to 21August have Leo as their sun sign. The animal sign of Leo is Lion and the ruling planet is Sun.

The trait of nature and personality of Leos are deeply affected by their animal sign and of course also by their ruling planet.  Leos are born with power in their gut, heart and lungs and they start displaying their true nature right from their childhood. Leo kids do not have to beg or request for what they want. They demand it, order it and are not accustomed to getting no for answers.

It is not that they use their muscle power to extract obedience from those around them. They don’t have to. Leos do not have to shout orders. In fact, they speak with utmost courtesy and restraint with the people.

There is something in their nature, personality, voice, eyes, facial expressions, in short in their total body language that compels willing compliance of their wishes. People are so over-awed by their dominating attitude that they simply follow their commands mutely and meekly.

There are generally two undercurrents of thoughts and reactions that Leos evoke in their interaction with the people.
One, the overall impact of their personality, the politeness and courtesy casts a magnetic charm upon the listeners and they simply feel obliged and grateful if they can help them.

The second undercurrent is that people fear that perhaps a volcano might erupt and blow them off if Leo’s wishes are thwarted.

Leos are very much conscious of the awesome psychological power they exercise on the minds of the people. As Leo children enter into adulthood, they become ambitious for power in whatever field they work. They start behaving like real lions in the forest.

Another great feature of a Leo personality is that they are sincere, honest and truthful people. They cast their appeal straight to the heart or spirit of the people.

In fact, Leos do not have to consciously play complicated mind tricks to influence people. Their approach is simple, honest and straightforward. It is so appealing that people willingly become their loyal and trusted friends and followers.
The innate mind power of Leos not only makes them natural leaders in the secular or mundane areas such as politics, industry or government but also in the spiritual world. Leos can become great spiritual masters and leaders precisely because of the same innate traits of their character and personality.

The only thing that happens in their spiritual avatar is that their commandments become spiritual invocations. This transformation takes place because Leos’ lust for power or ambition is channelized into deep love and compassion for the suffering humanity.

People flock to them in large numbers not only to seek their blessings but also to offer their services and cooperation to further the cause that they uphold. They listen to them with rapt attention, awe and a deep sense of reverence, acquiescence and submission.

If born in poor families, Leos often shoot up to higher levels in society through their sheer will power, grit and leadership qualities.

Leos are often conservative and traditionalist in their attitude towards their families. They are very affectionate, indulgent, pampering and protective but possessive and dominating. They bring armfuls of gifts and presents for their love partners or spouses and kids but expect an equally high level of uncritical obedience, love and gratitude from them.
Unbridled lust for power and blind and unquestioned obedience also breeds flattery and sycophancy in their friends and followers. They tend to become boastful tall talkers who enjoy listening to their own voice and loud cheers of approval from their friends and followers.

Although conservative in their expectations of loyalty from their love partners and spouses, Leos do not mind entering into illicit relationship with numerous people outside home. It is not surprising that some Leo turn into lechers for their unbounded lust for sexual pleasures.

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