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People born from 20 February to 20 March belong to the zodiac sign of Pisces. The animal sign of Pisces is fish and their ruling planet is Neptune. Strangely enough the threesome, ie, Pisces, fish and Neptune have an inherently strong community and commonalty in their elements.

While fishes are the creatures of water and enjoy moving freely in the limitless expanse of ocean, Neptune is regarded as god of water and sea in Roman mythology and pantheon.

Pisces subjects are mobile, agile, nimble, flexible malleable, rubbery, liquid and free ‘flowing’ kind of people. They can easily squeeze themselves out of seemingly impossible, warped, tangled and messy situations almost stealthily --without making anyone conscious of their intelligence, nimbleness, adaptability and dexterity.

There is something ‘fishy’ about their nature in that they rise up—become visible for a short while-- and again disappear in no time. They probably get lost in the depth of their remote, fathomless world only to reveal themselves like flashes of lightning at some surprisingly remote and improbable locations.

Think of a person who appears for a short while in your neighborhood and vanishes for ages only to reappear in a surprisingly new avatar. Think of sailors of the olden times or the modern naval staff who remain on the seas for months. Think of a sales person who goes to remote and unknown lands to sell their wares. Think of the space explorers who get almost lost somewhere in the unimaginable heights of ethereal vacuum and you get the picture of a Pisces subject.

Pisces love to remain in their own exclusive world of fun and adventure. They get easily bored of staying at the same place among the same people over a certain period of time. They start feeling stale and stagnant like water in a small pool. They always keep itching for a change.  Their constant mobility and search for fun and entertainment may remind you of the restless Geminis. But there is a little difference between the basic natures of Gemini and Pisces subjects. While Geminis may, sometime, become crafty and stoop to substandard practices and tricks to grind their axe, Pisces are highly principled and noble people who hate to hoodwink anyone to serve their selfish motives.

They are like the legendary oriental wandering mendicants or dervishes. They keep moving on like constantly flowing waters heading for strange lands. This wander lust points out to another important feature of their nature and personality. Pisces are rather an indisciplined lot in the sense that they give in to their urge for going places even if they make a commitment to stay at one place over a certain period of time. They would rather leave their project incomplete and even suffer a loss than suppress their desire for new adventures.

This also explains that Pisces people do not like jobs that bind them to stay one place permanently and within defined time table. They can become rebellious if they are forced to work under some kind of rigid or regimented routine.
They have a great sense of companionship. They are sincere and loyal friends who are always ready to stand by their loved ones through all their ups and downs. Like they say, Pisces will sink or swim together.

This explains why Pisces are highly emotional people. They think by their heart rather than their brains. They are kind, compassionate, empathic, affectionate, charitable and sensitive people. They cannot bear to see the sufferings of their friends and loved ones and can go to any extent to help them out.

An admirable feature of a Pisces character is that they do not ask anything in return for their services or sacrifices. This shows their selfless nature that takes more pleasure in giving than taking.


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