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People born from 24 October to 22 November come under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, The animal sign of Scorpio is scorpion and its ruling planet is Pluto.  Like most other sun signs, Scorpios also draw heavily upon their animal sign scorpion and their ruling planet Pluto for the traits of their nature and personality.

Scorpios are just as intensely emotional and forceful personalities as Leos and Aries, but in a different manner. While Leos and Aries are extroverts and openly flaunt their true nature, Scorpios are extremely introvert people.

Again, while Leos and Aries are loud, boisterous, tin-box type and noisy characters, Scorpios apparently remain calm and silent; always trying to suppress the simmering volcanic lava within them from exploding.

Scorpios remind you of the tragic heroes of Greek tragedies like Hamlet and Brutus—philosophic, discontented and perpetually sad, morose and ruminating over the faulty state of affairs around them.

Scorpios cast magnetic charm upon the people around them because of their radical, profound and revolutionary views and reactions. Unlike Aries and Leos, Scorpios love to remain away from public glare. They avoid mixing up with common crowds of people at public places and social functions.

Nonetheless, they are quite pleasant, thoughtful, honest, interesting and dignified to talk and interact with. They are highly intuitive, imaginative and analytical people. They can hypnotize people with their magnetic gaze and the profundity of their feelings, sentiments and emotions.

Scorpios come up as starkly different, highly self-disciplined and restrained in expressing their comments and views on public issues. But whenever they speak, people almost go in a trance and listen to them with rapt attention.

Their eyes are so deep and penetrating that people start feeling nervous in their company as if they would look through their very weak and vulnerable spots. Standing before a Scorpio is like feeling exposed and naked and not knowing how to run away or hide somewhere.

Needless to mention that Scorpio natives have strong convictions and prejudices. They rarely, if ever, waver in their opinions or change their minds or positions.

Scorpios are highly self-conscious people. They are very conservative and self-willed subjects and have very strong likes and dislikes. They are generally blunt and outspoken in their opinions. They are highly self-opinionated, willful and arrogant. They are aware of their towering superiority over the run-of-the-mill people and try to maintain a dignified distance from them.

Scorpios are ultra sensitive people. They may sense snide allusions and intentions even in innocent remarks and opinions about them and may erupt in irrepressible explosions of anger. It is almost impossible to placate a Scorpio when he/she runs into a fit of anger. This explains why Scorpios make life-long enemies, because they are so convinced of their own righteousness that they never try to introspect or change their stand.

Scorpios are very ambitious people and consider themselves to be born and leaders and opinion makers. They hate to consider themselves as following others. Yet they are very magnanimous and compassionate at heart. They always try to help others silently without making them conscious.

You can think of them laying blankets over the orphans and destitutes when the latter may lie shivering in the freezing cold and walk away without waking them. And if ever the poor person approaches them to express their gratitude for their kindness, they scold him  for being a worthless idiot who does not deserve any mercy.

Scorpios can prove excellent counselors and dependable friends provided you always agree with them. They tend to go off the tangent if you dare to express your dissent.

Scorpios are highly rebellious and sadistic people. They rarely introspect or look back once they take a stand and God forbid, if they take a wrong and destructive path.

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