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People born from April 21 to May 22 have Taurus as their sun sign. The animal sign of Taurus is bull and its ruling planet is Venus.

Like the subjects of other sun signs, Taurians too often demonstrate the traits of their animal sign bull, the ancient animal, which is associated with its traditional values, stubbornness, slowness, strength, dependability and perseverance. Some traits of Taurus personality may appear negative at first glance. If you look at them carefully; they have their deep positive connotations.

For example, stubbornness of Taurus or the bull also indicates the tenacity of purpose, focus, perseverance and single minded pursuit of one’s goals.

Similarly, adherence to traditional values does not mean superstitious nature or anathema to modernism. It may also mean retaining what is best in one’s culture and heritage. It should not come as a surprise that more and more people are reverting back to the old grand-ma recipes for treating several chronic ailments. Similarly, search for answers to some fundamental questions is leading people back to into the abiding laws of nature.

Slowness may not necessarily mean laziness. It may also mean thinking patiently rather than leaping blindly and hurriedly into unknown domains. Decisions taken after patient and thoughtful deliberation can be prove more useful and abiding. Slowness may also indicate having one’s own mind and not jumping up instantly to an action just because others want them to.

Given this premise, it is not difficult to analyze the traits of nature and character of a Taurus personality.
Taurus subjects are generally well-built, tall, strong and hefty. Usually they are gentle, peaceful and law-abiding. They can be steadfast and loyal in their relationships whether in love, marriage or business partnerships.

Taurus parents and husbands are very affectionate and protective of their family members. They are obedient and loyal subordinates to their masters. Normally Taurus people do not strike work or rise to protest against those they work under.

Normally, they do not respond to minor provocations, but can be dangerous to deal with if provoked beyond the limits of their endurance. In such situations, they tend to lose their patience and self-control and may explode with outbursts of anger and violence.

They are blessed with strong will power and determination. They are steadfast, reliable, faithful and highly focused on their goals.  Since they are conservative, they are generally status-quo-ists. They love and value material possessions and do not like to squander them on wasteful expenditures. They hate to take loans and if ever they take any, they remain tense until they pay them back. 

They are not easily stirred to action and prefer to stay undisturbed in their peaceful position.  When prodded repeatedly, they nurse resentment against the person who interferes with their seclusion and rest. In certain respects, Taurus people can be boring and monotonous in their attitude, arguments and positions.

Taurus subjects need praise rather than criticism to get them going on a course of action. They never appear in a hurry to do anything. They walk and work calmly, undisturbed or unperturbed even during critical situations. Since they themselves are inherently slow and patient people, they also expect patience and forbearance from those who wish to handle them.

Taureans are down-to-earth people. They do not hate laborious jobs that soil their clothes or blacken their hands. Their virtue of patience marks every aspect of their personality and style of working. They launch a project after lots of thinking and planning and work carefully and methodically when they execute their plans.

They take their responsibilities very seriously whether in personal or business relationship and hate to ditch people who rely upon them for their affection and survival. This probably is one reason that Taurus people do not shoot up to the top positions, but work and rise steadily in their business enterprises. This probably explains why Taurus people rarely encounter failures when once they launch any project.

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