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People born from 22 August to 23 September come under the zodiac sign of Virgo. The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury. Unlike most other sun signs that are represented by animal symbols, Virgo has a human female, Virgin, as its sign and both probably derive their names from each other- Virgo and Virgin. 

Another difference that marks out Virgo from other zodiac signs is that it receives most traits of its nature and personality from its symbol, Virgin, rather than from its ruling planet Mercury.

The thought of a virgin evokes two images. One, it is a vision of young girl and the other is that of a mature person, a spinster.  As Virgos, including males, grow old, the traits of their nature and personality also undergo the same transformation and maturation that takes place in a Virgo lady who grows from a young girl into a spinster.  For example, a young Virgo female is generally physically lean, slim, good looking, observant, artistic, shy, fashionable and delicate. 

 As she grows older, the same qualities undergo transformation for better or worse. The shyness of the young girl is transformed into aloofness or she may maintain discreet distance from most people and not allow them to peep into their private lives.

Similarly while young Virgos-both males and females take pleasure in sharing their private lives with their peers, friends and lovers, the grown-ups become introverts and close-minded.

While young Virgos may like cleanliness, their older versions become so finicky and fussy about it that they wouldn’t allow most people to enter their living rooms lest they make them unclean with their soiled and dirty feet.
Old Virgos tend to become crankier, cantankerous, aristocratic, dictatorial, self-willed, detailed, fastidious, squeamish, inflexible and, sometimes, almost lunatic versions of their younger days.

Another point to note is that male Virgos may not necessarily be as effeminate as their female counterparts, but they do have some traits-- both positive and negative—that characterize a typical female Virgo.

Male Virgos are generally shy, modest, gentle, accommodating, conventional, conservative, introvert, sincere, honest, truthful and cooperative. They love to be accurate and precise and are thorough and detailed in planning and execution of their projects.

Virgos are generally not very confident or enterprising people and afraid of suffering setbacks and losses. Therefore, they do not like to take up big business ventures.

This mistrust in their own capabilities also makes them suspicious of the intentions of others and they always try to hide their thoughts, emotions and feelings about the people they interact with.

They do not openly express their views and comments on critical issues lest they are disapproved or result in failure if executed. They shirk taking responsibilities.

Virgos are afraid of making commitments in love and business. The love for detail and precision makes Virgos excellent grammarians, librarians, draftsmen, artists, painters, technologists, engineers and surveyors.

Virgos have very sharp and retentive memories. Therefore, they become successful accountants, cashiers, secretaries, stenographers, personal assistants, statisticians, bank men, linguists, editors, analysts and lab assistants. They try to achieve perfection in whatever they do.

Since Virgos are not known for self-confidence or their ability to take risks, they, therefore, become excellent subordinates rather than bosses. They are hard, loyal and conscientious    workers and soon win the trust and confidence of their superiors. They often become privies to the business secrets of the employers but rarely betray them.

Virgos are very well aware of their weaknesses. They, therefore, easily empathize with less privileged and poor people and try to help them as much as they can, without of course, allowing their vital interests to be adversely affected.
Virgos are homely people and they genuinely love their partners, spouses and kids. They are not extravagant with their money, but do not hesitate to spend it judiciously on the welfare of their loved ones.

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