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More and more people are taking to meditation and practically experiencing its benefits as well. Meditation is basically a mental or spiritual process in whatever way you interpret or practice it. If you are too much physical or body conscious—you do not believe in soul or spirit-- you FOCUS on body to relax it. If you are not too much body conscious, you focus on mind to relax it so as to acquire a state of peace and blissfulness.

Meditation is, sometimes, also used for prayer- focusing upon some divine power.  The central point in meditation, whatever its aim and process, is FOCUS-whether you focus upon your body, mind or some divine entity.

The ‘focus upon mind’ underlines the belief that the mind has phenomenal powers. As mentioned above the psychics also deal with psyche—soul, spirit or mind. They focus upon psyche to gain amazing insight into the causes of the problems, provide solution and predict the future. Using the powers of the soul, spirit or mind is called psychic phenomena.


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