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Tarot cards are defined as graphic representations of energies, as well as events that a person is likely to encounter in life.  Each card has its own meaning, and it could either be determination, patience, joy, heartache, reflection, decision-making. New beginnings and more.  A conventional tarot deck consist of seventy-eight cards.  Of the total number, fifty-six are called the Minor  Arcana, which represent the common daily events, occurrences and emotions that each one of us experiences.  The remaining twenty-two cards are called the Major Arcana, and they represent bigger issues, emotions and concerns.  The Minor Arcana is also composed of four sets called “suits”, and these are the Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles.  The Wands represent fire and spirit, while the Cups represent emotions, the Swords represent air and mind, and the Pentacles represent the earth (the physical world).


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