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If you think, and truly feel that you got what it takes to be a successful clairvoyant, here are some helpful hints to ponder on.  First, to harness your intuition, as well as your sixth sense, you will need to meditate regularly.  Find a place at home that’s far from any outside noises and distractions, and close your eyes, squat on the floor, or  sit comfortably on a chair, and relax your thoughts. Allow the universe to freely send images, visions or thoughts into your mind, and afterward begin to understand what those “random” images or visions mean. Make sure that you do not force yourself to see things or hear words, and instead allow the universe to freely show thee to you. Once you learn, and appreciate the values of meditation and centering your thoughts, it would be much easier for you to see visions, hear voices and thoughts emanating from the spiritual world, as well as the universe in general. 


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