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Astral Body and Astra Flight

The astral body, also known as "the starry envelope of the soul", is one of the oldest and most universal of man's idea about himself. It is mentioned in ancient Indian, Egyptian, and Greek texts, as well as in the Bible. It also has been a literary staple through the Middle Ages.

The astral body is said to be the perfect replica of the physical body in which it is rooted in. The astral body, however, unlike the physical body, is made of far lighter stuff - luminous, translucent and eminently suited to the out of body travel of which it is capable of. One of the main functions of the astral body is to transport the soul at the moment of death. But those who claim to have experienced astral projection make it seem almost as normal as dreaming.

The astral body coincides with the physical body during the hours of full, waking consciousness, but in sleep the astral body withdraws to a greater or lesser degree, usually hovering just above it, neither conscious nor controlled. In trance, deep meditation, syncope, while fainting, while under the influence of an anesthetic, etc, the astral body similarly withdraws from the physical. Such cases of withdrawal constitute instances of automatic or involuntary projection.

There is however another instance where a subject can willfully leave his physical body. This is labeled as conscious or voluntary projection. He is thus, fully alert in his astral body. He can look upon his own physical mechanism and travel about at will, perhaps viewing scenes and visiting places he has never been or seen before. Some forms of meditation allow this form of astral traveling to manifest.

The astral and physical body is believed to be connected by means of a meta physical cord, along which vital currents can pass. Astral traveling is thought to be like traveling through the air like the feeling of a flying dream. The best way to try and experience this state is to learn to control the mind though meditation and realize that your physical body is merely an instrument of the soul. The astral body becomes free to take the consciousness on a journey towards its natural state of enlightenment and enchantment. Love light and soul freedom allows the consciousness to dance in the flying stage of self realization.

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