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An aura can either be seen or felt. It can be 'light' that you see around somebody's head or even just feeling and knowing the mood of someone else. For example, opening up to share your problems with somebody whom you feel would be able to advise you, would show that you can perceive that they give off a caring aura. Another way to think about it would be as the atmosphere around our bodies.

Aura, is an energy field or it could also be called our life force. An aura can actually take two forms: Cosmic Vibratory Energy and Specific Aura surrounding each human body.

This energy is everywhere in the universe, structuring and being a source of sustenance for all things.

Research has shown that the recognition of human aura dates back to decades ago. An example would be photos of Christian saints who are always shown with a golden halo around their head. This is not only rampantly shown in Christian drawings, but it also can be found in drawings inspired by other faiths, such as the Egyptians, Hindus, Buddhist, etc. Photos in the same context can still be found today.

It is believed that we have a seven layered aura. There is a rising trend that most psychics can only see the three layers closest to our physical body. The three inner layers are in close relation to our mind, emotions and physical well-being, while the outer three layers are more concerned with our soul and spirit.

The aura is believed to be similar to that of the shape of an egg, which consists of fibrous light encompassing the whole body. It might appear as something that resembles a heat haze, radiating light and energy, with every color imaginable, inclusive of those that are beyond our visible spectrum.

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