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An example of a clairaudient is Joan of Arc who claimed that she could hear voices that led her to her victory in the battle for her country. When she admitted this, she was burnt at the stake by the church for being blasphemous.

These voices heard using the gift of clairaudience by the psychics is believed to pass messages to friends, relatives or even people residing in this materialistic world through them. These voices are from discarnate spirits that are alive in the next world. They are said to be heard inside the head rather than using the physical body, that's what make it so special and out of the world.

However, there are other clairaudients who claim that the voices can be heard with their ears as clearly as they can hear babies crying.

Currently, the most popular and best-loved medium of clairaudient is the late Doris Stokes who had written many books pertaining to the voices that she hears in her ear.

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