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Psychic Eye

Although a fantasy phrase, ‘psychic eye’ evokes a deep sense of awe and mystery. You are almost transported into another world, a world of magic, romance, dreams, fear and joy. But a question arises: what exactly is meant by ‘psychic eye’? Is there anything like psychic eye?

The answer to this question is: There are psychic eyes. Imagine the eyes of a witch, a psychic or a seer looking deep into the distant sky for answers to questions of their clients. Psychic eye is also called the third eye.

The psychic eye may be  beautiful , wild, wide , deep , dreamy, narrow , fantastic, dark, blue, brown , pleasant, eloquent , bright, starry or all these eyes  melting together to form just one pair of eyes---psychic eyes.
Psychic eyes may have any shape, form, size or color. But they are normally endowed with certain specific qualities. They can be mesmerizing, bewitching, magical, sharp, unnerving, insightful, penetrative, enthralling, commanding, and also calm, soothing, blissful, assuring and above all brimming with blessings.

They can see even when they are closed. In fact, quite often the psychics close them to see much more clearly than when their eyes are open. They close them to read the writing on their mind’s screen or see the visions unfolding the future. Psychic eye is also called third eye.

It is difficult, almost impossible for common people to look straight into the psychic eyes. They simply cannot stand their glare. Even the most stubborn rogues and crooks cannot stand the glare of psychic eyes. They start quivering in their knees, lose their self-confidence and divulge all that lies behind the strong impenetrable layers of their hearts.

Psychic eyes can peep into the distant horizons of space and time. They can look into not only the future of the people, events or situations but into their past as well.


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