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Psychic Dream

Have you been told to take your head out of dreamland by your mother while you were younger?

Well, do you know that we are actually psychics in our dreams? Interesting isn't it? Research has shown that when we sleep, our left-brain drops its inhibitions and our natural intuition comes roaring to life.

Dreams are what make up life. Everyone has dreams, aspirations and hopes. This site is dedicated to those dreams we have at night, when our eyes are closed and our minds are free of any bonds or limitations we may have in reality.

Many Westernised countries like our own, have taught their children Scepticism, and thus are unaware of the fact that dreams are telling us about the future.

Most of us are only aware that we dream the future when we are frightened by a dream of a death or a tragedy that happened in real life subsequently after that.

Dreams usually have some bearing on what is happening in our lives at the current moment.

If we can remember our dreams we may be able to predict the future, and thus the future consequences of our actions.



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