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What is Telepathy?

Telepathy can be basically defined as the ability to transmit information from one mind to another without physical contact or words.

The word telepathy came from the Greek word “tele” and “pathe”, which means “distant” and “experience” respectively. This term was first used in 1882 by Frederic W.H. Myers, which was a classical scholar. Even the ordinary minds experience this phenomena, the thing is they are not aware that they are able to connect with their minds. Many consider these only as coincidence. Little did they know that every mind is psychic linked. Every time human minds think, it releases energy. This energy is channelled to another mind and telepathy happens. Of course, like any psychic ability, telepathy has been bombarded with criticisms. Scientists keep looking for loopholes and proof that telepathic phenomena are not possible. But the more it is portrayed in fictional literature, the more it sparks curiosity. Many start asking about telepathy. There are some who believes and there are those who are still a little skeptic.

Psychics use this ability in a much higher level than the ordinary minds.

They are aware that telepathic phenomena are not coincidence but rather information sent at command. There are different types of telepathy. There is the transmission of feelings, emotions, images, and words. The transmission of feelings and emotions are usual in human minds though there is a high possibility that they are not even aware they are sending energy to another. The hardest type of telepathy that needs skills and training would be the transmission of words. This telepathy cannot rely on hunch or gut feel because information are of value. Psychics who use this are able to focus their energy and direct it to someone who is also prepared to receive.

Those who want to learn telepathy must first learn how to control his emotions. It will be very hard to control what information goes out of the mind if one is emotionally weighed down. Anyone who wants to develop this skill must learn how to listen to his emotions and thoughts. This way he will be able to know what things he is sending out in the Universe. Telepathy is constant. All feelings and thoughts go out there. This constant exchange of thoughts and feelings should be used to one’s advantage. When this is practiced often then one can control what goes out and what goes in his mind. Psychics know the power of having such control.

Psychic abilities are most for the purpose of getting information and telepathy is one of those. Psychics can use this ability to get information without the need of meeting face to face or the need for words. It is important for those who seek the help of psychics to receive or send messages to stay rational. Even though it is claimed that the messages were accurately received and sent, there are external factors that can alter the expected result. Know that telepathy is powerful, yes, but like anything else has limitations.

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