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“Trionfi”, it is the first name given to the tarot cards. Other names were given to it including “tarocchi” and “”tarock”, until it comes down to “”. tarot." This card was used in Italian tarocchini, a type of card game and French Tarot. Yes, these cards are made for divination or fortune telling purposes at first. It was used as simple playing cards during the 15th century. It has been used by people in Europe areas.

The later part of 18th century, tarots emerged and became a part of divination, occultism and mystics. It is said to be a tool that can trace spiritual pathways. There are seventy-eight (78) cards in a single deck and are sorted in two arcana, the Minor and the Major Arcana.

It was during the 14th century when cards are introduced to Europe. Based from histories, playing cards came from Egypt (Mamluk). It was just an ordinary four suit cards. The suits are named after the swords, cups, the coins and the staves.  It was during the 1430’s up to 1450’s where in the first ever tarot cards were created. They added trump cards that bear with illustrations. The new card additions were named “carte da trionfi” later on it became just “trionfi”, in English it means “”. Trumps." The first decks were hand painted by known painters and artists during that time. And only those who belong to the upper classes has the privilege to acquire the cards. After the printing press was invented, people started to produce more cards through it.

It’s popularity is because of a book that contains simple steps in divination using the cards. That was in early 1540’s people start to become interested about it. It was then that tarot cards were used as a tool in the divination system. It became an associate and part of magic along with mysticism.

Marseilles tarot cards is considered and labelled as the most known printed decks during the old times. And it was also marked as one of the most important designs for the cards. As time passes by, several designs and several cards were created. The Rider-Waite decks also become popular, and then there are the Criwket-Harris Thoth cards. The later tarot deck consists of more astrological or elemental symbolism. Unlike the first one that was almost the same with the Marseilles decks.

For those who admired Greek myths, there is the mythic tarot. The symbolisms are derived from the famous characters of the Greek methodology. Then recently, modern oracle cards were created as an aid for divination. The images that can be seen in these cards were derived from angel or fairies figures as well as God and Goddesses.

The tarot cards have two arcana.

The greater secrets or the Major arcana (contains twenty-two cards) and the other one is the lesser secrets or the Minor arcana (contains fifty-six cards) and was sorted out into four different suits. And each of the suits bears fourteen different cards. You can say that it is almost the same with the ordinary playing card style.

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