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In a standard  psychic reading activity, a customer actually spot which information makes sense, and which one doesn't. According to veteran psychic readers, the reason why some readings are sketchy, is because professional of psychics also have their off days, while some have a tough time interpreting the  information that appears to them. For example, a psychic gets a picture in his mind of a young boy wearing an army uniform,.  The psychic could say that he is getting a response from your “great grandfather”, instead of just saying that he's seeing an image of a boy wearing an army uniform. While most  psychic readers exactly describe what they see, feel and hear, it will largely depend on the customer to interpret what the vision means. If for example, some of the details provided by the psychic doesn't make sense, the customer should just take it with a grain of salt,  because  no one exactly knows what the future will bring.  


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